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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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starts now. >> dan: and we will start the 5:00 with some breaking news. right now we are hearing several students hurt in a school bus crash happening before 3:00 this afternoon. streetsboro city school buses were involved in a crash on page road between frost and pike parkway. 18 students, one bus driver taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police say parents were notified by the schools. the cause of the crash is currently under investigation. i did speak with jeff tanchak. weather does not appear to be a factor at the time. >> denise: all right. speaking of that, are you ready for round 2? more snow is moving into our area tonight. some spots could see another 6 inches or more. jeff tanchak will tell us all about that coming up. >> and more breaking news. this time out of berea. the cleveland browns have a new head coach. >> denise: that's right.
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he will be coming to us from the cincinnati bengals. jackson will be the browns 8th head coach since the in 1999. jackson has a long history in the nfl. >> dan: yes he does. he spent time with falcons, washington, raiders and tony the new man. >> tony: focus on bengals and raiders. he was head coach in 2011. he was 8-8 and fired when a new general manager came in and went to the bengals and worked up to offensive coordinator. in the past two seasons the offense rolled and now he gets another shot at a head coach and it is amazing how quickly and dramatically the momentum swung in this search. a lot of people believed jackson was going to the 49ers and browns told him something sunday that he couldn't or wouldn't have a significant say in
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yesterday jimmy haslam met with him for a second time and wrapped up the deal. and they say they got the right guy. >> i think when you got a football guy and a guy with 15 years coaching experience we have a guy who has been a head coach before and with the oakland raiders and this time he will probably get it right. and what i really like, this guy has been in the afc north nine years and knows how football rolls in the afc north. >> tony: the top dog prediction there and great point. hue jackson is the 16th head coach in browns history and 8th since 1999. can he do, please, what the previous 7 were not able to do? we will hear from the new head coach at 6:30 when they carry their first browns press conference live. >> we want to hear about the team. tweet, facebook, instagram about hue jackson. you have to use the #19browns. we will feature some of your
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19 news at 6:00. well, the future of the cleveland browns player at least one of them is still in limbo. we just got our hands on dash cam video from the arrest of linebacker armonty bryant and de'ante saunders pulled over for speeding christmas day. troopers found pills, marijuana and loaded gun in the car. saunders was under the influence and was let go by the browns after his arrest. as far as what's happening with bryant, our scott taylor will have more on that coming up at 6:00. >> denise: all right. let's talk about the frigid cold weather. you step outside and feel the wind chill on your skin. >> jeff: we will get some improvement for a little while regarding that and another shot later this weekend and next week. get used to the cold for a little while. another shot of light snow coming tonight. this will not be as bad is as
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you could be looking at more in the snowbelt. most of luce see an inch or less with this little clipper system, 1 to 4 inches in the snowbelt east and the wind will remain up there and might whip the snow a bit. as this happens, temperatures will be rising tonight. here you see the shield of snow. it is a light snow in sandusky, norwalk and mansfield overspreading the area and affect us mainly this evening. look at temperatures going up 16 at, 24 at 9:00 and right around 20 at midnight. i think by morning we could have temperatures well in the 20s in some cases. there you see the currents. low to mid-teens still with the wind, though looking at wind chills 3 below in mansfield. so that will get you. more on this brief warm up and next shot of arctic air on the way late this weekend. that's coming up. >> dan: we have new details in the deaths of a summit county family.
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home blew up monday night. >> denise: investigators tell us the fire that caused the explosion was intentionally set. >> dan: cleveland 19 dani carlson joins us live with the latest. dani? >> reporter: you know what, guys we have been in this neighborhood a couple of days and one thing you notice, this home is really a place for people to drive by, sometimes stopping to get out to pay respects to the four people who were found dead. two parents and two little girls. each of the passersby we spoke with even if they knew the family or not say they were saddened by what happened and shocked it could happen here and that feeling is amplified by those who knew the mather family well and especially now with this ruling of arson. the memorial in front of the burned shell of the mather home on sky haven road is embryoing and today carey added to it. >> this is the day i went to get my ged and the girls and cindy
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>> reporter: telling us she wouldn't have her ged if it wasn't for cindy mather. she is one of many who were shocked first by yesterday's fire and explosion and then by today's ruling that the fire was intentionally set by arson. >> it is shocking and eye opening because they didn't know what was going on and didn't know that day would be the last day. >> reporter: fire investigators say the ruling came out of the on-scene investigation and yet there was possible evidence of an accelerant and no one will know what, if any until they take lab samples on the scene. when we asked fire investigators and investigators with the sheriff's department say people in the area shouldn't be concerned about future arsons in this neighborhood and wouldn't say at this point what they think happened monday night. >> what a shame these people couldn't get out of there. if he did it, you know.
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and two kids were huddled together. just a shame. >> reporter: as we were playing our story on tv, a couple of people came over and they wanted to contribute to the growing memorial, hugging each other and just sharing their sadness in front of this burned out shell of a home that is here. now, we did learn today the fire marshall says it will take about 48 hours for them to get results back from the lab that will tell them about those things like the possible accelerants they sent to the lab. now, the medical examiner officially identified the two little girls who were found in the home as 8-year-old ruthie mather and 12-year-old allison mather and as far as the causes of death for all four family members they will not likely be released until there's further investigation. >> reporter: live tonight dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> denise: just heartbreaking dani.
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his life after a sledding accident in northridgeville. harry boomer is live with more on what went wrong. harry? >> reporter: denise, when a child goes out to play in the snow, you don't expect him or her to get hurt. drew hayden was among the unlucky ones yesterday. >> it looks like somebody got hit. a person under a car on meadow lake boulevard. by hunter lake. >> reporter: that good samaritan made the 911 call that may have helped save the life of 9-year-old drew hayden of northridgeville and was out sledding in the newly fallen snow. >> is the man under the vehicle? it looks like somebody is under there and other people behind me are talking. >> reporter: at the time of her call she didn't know it was a small child playing and a sled didn't stop in time not to get hit by oncoming traffic. can you still see the sled tracks left in the snow on the
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the car hit the boy at 5:00 p.m. tuesday about 20 minutes before sunset. the 9-year-old child sustained life-threatening injuries after being struck by a southbound vehicle. >> what kind of vehicle was it. >> it is like a sedan. >> what color? >> black or dark blue. >> drew was transported to st. john west shore by the northridgeville fire department and taken by lifeflight to cleveland health medical center. >> reporter: the last word from the hospital here is that drew is still in critical condition. we wish him a speedy recovery. outside of metro, harry boomer cleveland 19. >> denise: let's hope he makes it all right. thank you, harry. it is a favorite winter pastime for generations and every year sledding injuries sent thousands of kids to the emergency room. sledders are most likely to be injured with collisions with objects or people. so be sure to choose the right sledding hill.
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a street or parking lot and stay away from hazards like ponds, trees orphanses. dress warm and skip scarves and clothing that can get caught in the sled and pose a risk of strangulation and always sled during daytime when visibility is better. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> dan: we want to take a look at traffic as people are headed out of downtown and done with their work day and headed home for dinner. i-77 our cold storage camera coming in and out of downtown and everything looks to be okay at this point. you can get live traffic updates on the go with the free cleveland 19 to go app. finally, the night powerball players are waiting for. another shot at the biggest budget busting jackpot in u.s. history. >> denise: everybody has a dream, right. >> david is in tallahassee,
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where the powerball numbers will be chosen. >> tonight's powerball jackpot is guaranteed $40 million. >> for more than two months. >> $301.8 million. >> reporter: we have watched the powerball jackpot soar. >> $949.8 million. shattered records and exploding into a nationwide frenzy. at one point last night lottery officials reported 370,000 tickets were being sold every minute. by tonight's drawing they expect 85% of the possible number combinations to be purchased leaving a 15% chance there might not be a winner at all. >> powerball tip number 1, pick only winning numbers. okay. >> jokes aside, some are counting on the power of the people to increase their chance of winning. >> name and the amount. >> billy joe carter is running a lottery pool with neighbors in dallas, texas. >> our little town will be
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moving. >> the odds are 300 million to 1 she will actually win the jackpot. >> the increased chance of winning by multiple tickets will leave you with such a small chance of winning it isn't worth the extra money. if nobody wins tonight the drawing could be close to $2 billion by saturday. >> the drawing happens at 10:59 eastern time. cbs news, tallahassee, florida. we will all be watching with our tickets. because of the high volume of ticket sales lottery officials say it will take several hours after the drawing to sort through the numbers and determine if there are any winners. good luck. it will take about 15 seconds to realize if i have the numbers. >> recovery's morning glory gave listeners a chance to be a millionaire. recovery bought $1,000 worth of powerball tickets and hid them
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he gave out several clues throughout the morning which listeners jinger and husband jimmy found out finding the prize at burke lakefront airport. coming up later this hour trying your lottery luck in an office pool. you better know how to make sure you are all protected. >> you better make sure. >> all right. one fugitive's vanity may have led police to his hiding spot.
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live from cleveland's
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toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> dan: it's a pretty gigantic chunk of change. tonight's powerball drawing. how much will the winner take home if someone actually wins all depends where they live and bought the ticket. that's because states differ on how much money comes out of the top mainly because of taxes and we thought we would take a look around the country. where is the best place you could have purchased and we will go to florida having to do with the income tax loss. $698 million. that's the cash option. if you took the annuity payments they would average to be $37.5 million checks for 30 years. boy that would be a nice check to get every year. what's the worst state you could have won in? maryland because of the high tax rate you would only get $616 million as a cash option and your annuity payments there
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can you see a difference of about $6 million. what about ohio? we are about in the middle. if you took the cash option $660 million and your annuity payments about $36 million a year. again not a bad check to have show up in the mail for the next 30 years. i think it will happen. i feel it. denise? thanks, dan. >> denise: an update out of a story from lima. yesterday we told about you donald pugh wanted by police. officers posted his old mug shot on facebook in an effort to find him. mr. pugh didn't much like the picture. so he decided to send them a selfie he thought was more flattering. pugh said here is a better photo. that one is terrible. someone saw the selfie and tipped off authorities leading to the suspect's arrest in florida yesterday.
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he is smiling in this one. >> jeff: he has a good smile. >> dan: see what happens when you are stupid and mess with authorities. come on. >> denise: you don't taunt police for sure. >> jeff: i am picturing getting a $36 million check and you think it is junk mail and you throw it away. >> all right. let's look at the snow moving in. >> this will be a fast-moving guy most of the snow coming down this evening and most of us will get an inch or less of snow. it looks bad on this radar thinking my goodness we have all this snow coming in. in actuality it will be light stuff. areas to the east you might get a few more inches out of it. we will get the shot of snow. look at this. temperatures are warming behind this. we will see a rise in temperature as the night wears on. not nearly as cold as last night.
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montville. chardon, peirpont, mentor close to a foot of snow coming down last night with lake-effect. perry, madison jefferson over 6 inches there's geneva and kirtland 7 inches and 18mile-an-hour wind in elyria and that wind staying up tonight with this system. so just after 7:00 is when this light snow will spread into the cleveland area and between 7:00 and 10:00 this evening area wide when the snow will come down. overnight here we will see lake enhancement taking place into early tomorrow morning and that could pile up a few more inches of snow and on the future view snowfall map an inch or less. right here off to the east a little more 1 to 4 inches in lake, northern geauga county and euclid. although future view is saying an inch.
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morning lakeshore of ashtabula county and perhaps a little more. >> so for greater cleveland area inch or so of snow. 7 a.m. temperature 27 because of the south wind at 13 to 26. less than an inch akron-canton 23 degrees and there could be a little freezing drizzle tomorrow morning. otherwise a cloudy sky and up to 35. temperatures holding steady tomorrow night and all of a sudden we spike up to 48 friday with late day rain and then colder air comes in friday night and snow showers and especially in the snowbelt over the weekend. 33 falling saturday. down to 25 saturday night and on sunday snow showers, windy and only 25 and bam, here comes the next shot of arctic air by monday. 15 only bitter wind chills into tuesday as well and alerts up
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denise? >> denise: thank you, jeff. a certain vegetable possibly putting women at risk for diabetes. we will tell you what it is and
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>> dan: one of the most commonly consumed foods putting them at risk for jess stational diabetes. >> what women can do to protect themselves and unborn babies. >> lori never thought twice about eating a baked pohto even before she was expecting. >> i have a pretty balanced diet before i was pregnant. potatoes are part of my diet. >> reporter: a new study from the national institutes of health suggests women should take a closer look at prepregnancy meals eating potatoes before conceiving may be linked to gestational
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>> potatoes elevate blood sugar in people more than any other type of food. they are carbohydrates and they have the potential. >> researchers asked more than 15,000 women how often they ate potatoes over a 10 year period and tracked pregnancies. >> women who ate more potatoes had higher rates of gestational diabetes than those who consumed pure potatoes. >> this is a study that enforces we should eat everything in moderation. >> researchers found others substituting vegetables legumes and whole foods lowered the risk of gestational diabetes by 15%. obesity is a main risk factor for gestational diabetes. expectant moms should always maintain a healthy weight. >> reporter: danielle nottingham cbs news, santa monica, california. >> denise: the cdc says more
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develop gestational diabetes affecting a mother late in her pregnancies. >> jeff: let's go to ford first alert doppler network areas like sandusky and putin bay, i will keep an eye on this
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>> dan: today it is driving the race for president. ryan nobody els is live in washington with more on how candidates are reacting to the big speech. ryan. >> reporter: hey, denise and dan, it is interesting president obama's state of the union speech reigniting the debate in washington over who uniters and dividers are. president obama has long said he would like to compromise with republicans on a range of issues and the republican candidates for president argue it is the
5:25 pm
to find common ground. it has been a consistent theme of the obama presidency. >> it will only happen if we work together. it will only happen if we can have rational constructive debates. >> reporter: president obama long called for ways of both sides to come together to get things done and republicans argue while at the same time he pleads for cooperation he attacks those who he wants to work with. >> i was at the state of the union last night. that was something else. i have to tell you. this is a president who pitted us against each other for the better part of 7 years. >> the democratic white house and republican-controlled congress rarely find opportunities to work together. the divide led to a government shutdown, lagging budget process and increased negative perception of american government. everyone acknowledges the problem neither side is willing to take the blame. >> that hoe sonia at the end
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more than a chicago ward politician in the white house. he's. >> the president acknowledged his role in the rancor and only after delivering sharp attacks aimed at republicans and mocked them for climate change and his material. >> in his last state of the union he says why is everyone so mad at each other, because of you. >> it is clear his name won't object the ballot barack obama will play an important role in the 2016 election. >> both sides don't really agree on all that much and something to be said about the fact that in today's politics compromise can be something of a liability. denise and dan? >> denise: that's for sure. i noticed last night during the state of the union hillary clinton released the ad telling voters she is with president obama on gun control issues poking at bernie sanders to take a side. so i guess the gloves are
5:27 pm
is up in the polls? >> reporter: i don't think there's any question. and the ad which you smartly the state of the union to drive home the point that there's a clear difference between clinton and sanders on the issue of guns and the clinton campaign showing they recognize the fact that the polls tightened and they will not mess around. this kind of started their attack line on sanders and today rolled out all kinds of questions about sanders health care and entitlely programs and want to know how sanders will pay for all the different programs. the sanders campaign is ready now. they will get the full brute force of the clinton campaign which has left other people in a pretty difficult position. >> dan: ryan, let's talk about the republican response delivered by south carolina governor nikki haley and maybe tabbed as vice presidential running candidate at some point for the republicans.
5:28 pm
appeared she might have been a little dividing her own party taking shots at her own party and never hear that in the response and never focuses squarely on the president who is delivering. this was more of a campaign speech. >> it was very interesting, dan. you are absolutely right and shows why this state of union is different than prior state of the unions because we are in the heat of the campaign and nikki haley frontrunner to be vice presidential mommy and won't be if donald trump gets the nomination. she was not impressed what he had to say and seems her criticism was directly aimed at him. today she softened her tone and said yes she was talking about trump and talking about the divisiveness of politics in general and coming together to find solutions and this is the path haley chartered and did not want to be seen as a hard
5:29 pm
architect of bringing down the confederate flag in south carolina rankling conservatives and interesting position she is staking out and hoping will be the future of the republican party and makes her an interesting character in the campaign going forward. >> dan: ryan, we love having you in washington our guy we go to and guru as we head in for the politics. thank you. >> denise: the overhaul of the cleveland police department is underway. >> dan: that's what the court ordered monitor said and paul orlousky there was and not a lot has been done but priorities have been set. >> reporter: the consent decree is written in legalese terms conducting quantitative and qualitative assessments in people speak that means how you are doing and how well you are doing. >> the consent decree is
5:30 pm
>> matthew and members of his 15 member committee updated counsel how they stand and general meeting centering on measuring how it will be done and how the community feels about it. >> the systems are want as strong as they will number five years. >> reporter: there were few specifics and counsel had plenty of questions. palanceic believes some in blue should never have been hired and wondered how many should be hired. >> there's really not been an outside look-see to what is the optimal number. i still believe it is 2,000. >> regarding who is hired a police expert layed blame on some of the city. >> do you know what officers are paid and starting pay? >> it is $10.50 an hour. >> it is basically 10.50 an hour. >> reporter: by comparison they $60,000. on the streets the monitor has
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>> they are engaged in redundant paperwork spending time checking boxes and tagging body worn camera video. >> reporter: one thing seemed clear committee members are keen al wear of the fact if changes aren't visible to the community the gap in law enforcement and citizens won't get better and could get worse. >> reporter: at city hall paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> jeff: all right. so we have an alert out tonight mainly this evening for the snow. i don't think it will cause major problems but we could be looking at accumulation on the lakeshore and east of cleveland where we could get as much as 1 to 4 inches and the majority of the area looking at an inch or less. a lot coming down this evening. winds will be up there gusts close to 30 that will whip the snow around a little bit.
5:32 pm
some light snow building into lorain county. we have snow coming down across the lake erie islands and port clinton and let's take you down to street level in sandusky on route 4 hancock street and franklin street you've got some light snow around an inch for you guys in sandusky. this is a fast-moving system. a shot of snow. as this happens this isn't a cold front with the snow. we actually warm as the snow comes behind it and we may get freezing drizzle in the morning. i don't think it will be cold enough for snow upstairs and that will be the beginning stages of this brief thaw cycle we have coming up tomorrow and especially friday. 15 in the akron-canton area southwest wind 15, 18 downtown cleveland. again, the temperatures will be
5:33 pm
still got wind chills below zero elyria. on the cleveland 19 weather app not only do you get severe forecast. 16 at 6:00, 17 at 8:00 with snow around and windy by midnight. 22 and overnight in cleveland we 20s. between 7:00 and 10:00 this evening that's where the bulk of the system snow will be with us. you do get a little likeness hancement there east of cleveland with that west wind that could linger into the early morning. there you see the snow forecast. most areas inch or less and perhaps more in the snowbelt. there you see mentor, jefferson by morning around 2 inches of additional snow and we have some spots with a foot of snow on the ground there in the snowbelt. >> denise: had to drag out the real winter coat.
5:34 pm
makes you look like the michelin man. you need it. >> dan: big news for berea for browns. let's get to carl. he is out there live. >> that's right, dan. the man of the hour is in cleveland in the building getting set to meet the media.
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>> denise: all right we are minutes away from the cleveland
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hiring of a new head coach. let's go to carl arky at headquarters in berea counting down the minutes. carl? >> reporter: we are counting it down, denise. they have reserved a parking space for hue jackson just awhile ago. a week ago when jimmy haslam cleaned house he didn't say the organization was directionally correct. they have charted a different course with sashi brown and bringing in hue jackson as head coach of the cleveland browns. jackson brings credibility with him 29 years experience in coaching 15 in the nfl and great communicator ask carson palmer and joe flacco and andy daulton. and he is known as a great collaborator plays in the sandbox well with other and works with the organization. that's his reputation. >> his former boss in oakland says he has a great mind for football and great at identifying and evaluating
5:37 pm
putting his players in a position to succeed. when the players succeed they get paid and everybody wins. he's waited four years for a second coach as head coach in the nfl and will get it with the cleveland browns. we will have his news conference live at 6:30. i'm carl arky reporting live. >> denise: thank you, carl. a lot of fans are happy about the hiring. look for more at 6:00. we will carry the browns news conference live for you right here. can you also stream it, we are streaming it on our web site and mobile app. that's a free download. all right taking a dive into the office powerball pool. who us? that dream can quickly turn into prepare. >> dan: hitting the jackpot would make your group millionaires. be a mess.
5:38 pm
and put an agreement in writing and name a leader in charge of buying tickets and keep a list of everyone who gave money get signatures, copies and e-mails and if somebody was left out it could be big trouble. >> that's essentially where the wheels come off that somebody doesn't show up to work that day and say i would have paid for the ticket. i was always in the poll and just because i was sick doesn't mean i can't participate or didn't mean i was in it. here's my two bucks now give me four million. >> something co-workers probably forgot to discuss decide up front if the group wants to see the lump sum or cash annuity over time. will you be able to find out if you are a winner instantly if 11:00. we will have winning powerball numbers on air, on-line and on the cleveland 19 news app. >> denise: i know you make stuff. but i don't think you do all
5:39 pm
>> i am not getting signatures and writing up rules. we all know what's going on. >> denise: you heard it here first. >> dan: it would be a good >> denise: yes. maybe. >> dan: snow is pounding areas
5:40 pm
>> dan: well, snow continues to pound areas of the great lakes for the second straight day wreaking havoc from indiana to parts of upstate, new york. >> denise: some areas could see three feet before the storm is over. demarco morgan is outside buffalo with the latest on the brutal conditions. >> reporter: that's the sound of thunder snow tuesday in buffalo. cold air moving behind an alberta clipper. the weather system blowing across the warmer than average great lakes kicking up wind and
5:41 pm
plows did little to quell the heavy is snowfall enveloping roads and people with shovels and snow blowers seemed to be fighting a losing battle, too. sara is out training for her first marathon and says she won't be sidelined by a squall. >> you are constantly aware of traffic getting hit by a car, falling on your -- it is exciting. >> if i find an excuse not to do it i will build up excuses not to go. >> a 40 car pile up in eastern indiana. another pile up on i-70 involved 13 vehicles. >> i got hit about five different times and butched around pretty good. >> in niagra, new york drivers had a tough time keeping it between the lines. >> apparently i couldn't see the road and missed the turn. >> buffalo is expected to get more snow today 6 to 9 inches. forecasters say by the end of
5:42 pm
york could see three feet of snow. >> reporter: demarco morgan, cbs news, new york. >> dan: they got pounded last year and this year. >> denise: after seeing that what do we have to complain about. >> jeff: we are all getting our winter at one time, northeast and great lakes. we will see how long it lasts. we have more coming after this brief thaw. a little shot of snow tonight. could see a little more east of cleveland as far as accumulation goes. most of us will get an inch or less out of this parks the high tomorrow with perhaps freezing drizzle in the morning. then look at the spike in temperature friday up to 48. some late afternoon rain will be developing here because temperatures will be warm enough for that. colder air friday night. rain to snow should be light. over the weekend i have alerts out for saturday, saturday night and sunday. we will have falling temperatures here saturday
5:43 pm
snow showers especially in the snowbelt. i don't think it will get out of hand. saturday night 25 and snow could pick up sunday and by that time temperatures will only be in the mid-20s and right here, here comes the next shot of arctic cold monday's high 15 well below zero wind chills and tuesday mostly cloudy sky and alert for those low wind chills, 18 the high. dan? >> dan: thanks, jeff. an accused murderer because of netflix and making an appeal next in "the the lile gs? th repsentloodells and ifou he afibn irgulaheareat
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stomaculce, a bldingondion, sideffec wit indigestn, smachain, upt orurni. the only bod tnner th lows yo ris stre beer tn waarin and has a ecif talk tyourocto
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: vikings kicker blair walsh getting a little empathy from pint-sized fans. >> and stephen avery wants his murder conviction tossed. the wisconsin man whose legal battle turned into a netflix documentary claiming he was
5:47 pm
the murder only covered a single property and multiple properties were searched and he also claims an alternate juror was improperly seated following closing arguments and his that. [ music ] [ laughter ] oh, set your dvr. late show host james takes adele for a ride tonight. it is carpool karaoke in a teaser video seen singing to her hits as well as debating whether the star should wear a wig or just a weave, the late, late show airs after the late show with stephen colbert here on cbs 19. >> i love it when he did that with justin bieber. >> so funny. >> last week the minnesota
5:48 pm
>> the kick by blair walsh missed the 27-yard game winning field goal sending seahawks to the next round knowing he must feel awful and most fans berating him. a first grade class decided to write words of encouragement to walsh. >> keep on trying. we love you so much. >> please don't give up. you are still number one. >> you are the best. and maybe you need to practice. love cody. >> dan: cody with a little shot maybe you need to practice. kids are learning about empathy in class and the teacher decide this had would be a great example and i tend to agree. >> denise: very nice. >> dan: i agree. >> the person who takes home the powerball prize won't be the only winner. the state of ohio is hitting it big with that billion dollar jackpot. our view of the day from mike his granddaughter skiing at
5:49 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news okay. we have a lot to get to tonight at 6:00 including disturbing explosion in summit county. a family of four died and now we've learned this is now an arson case. continues. jeff is tracking another shot of tonight. >> romona: but we begin with breaking browns news. the coaching candidate wheel has stopped spinning. it landed on cincinnati bengals offensive coordinator hue jackson. >> can i buy an h? >> mark: sports director tony zarrella joining us now. first question, is this a good
5:50 pm
>> tony: i like the hire.
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